Sirius Nippon has been run for 7 years starting as "Varrock TV" which has used this name for 6 years (2003-2009) and changed it to "Tenchu TV" in July 2009.

Sirius Nippon has founded by Morris Tinclair as "Varrock TV" in March 22, 2003 (March 24 is the official launch date) by a YouTube user, MorrisTinclair1. On the launch day, a serious industrial dispute meant that the channel could not be launched and had to postpone the launch for 2 days time.


In April 2004, one of the angry protesters which support the anti-VTV group had broken into the transmitter and received strange images like the picture of an alien taken in the Emley Moor in Yorkshire in 1989 and a screaming man. Normal programming started to cut off just after a news programme started at 7:00pm. It did not resume until 9:30am, the next morning when at the time, their TeleText service, V-TXT had provided the schedule for the day after tomorrow and the news & weather.

A month later, the longest strike in VTV history has begun on May 12 and ended on June 25. VTV had provided very few programmes during the strike but had forced to shut down the emergency service on May 23 because the strike action is far more powerful than the emergency service.

In January 1, 2005, just after the evening news has finished, the screen blacked out, followed by a strange noise that somewhat comes from outer space. The noise continued until 3 hours later, when the announcer said:

"This is VTV. We are sorry but it looks like we have been hacked by an alien from outer space. That's why a strange noise's heard. Now we move on to the late news with John Morale."

During the Halloween 2006 storm, VTV's power had lost power just after 10:15pm and didn't resume their normal programming until after 5:00am the next day when suddenly, the Mario + anchor, Igor Toad, appeared to bring everyone some news.

In December 2007, VTV had some problems with their video and had forced to close down earlier than scheduled.


The current controller of Sirius Nippon is Morris Tinclair (MorrisTinclair1, YouTube).