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June 2010-


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Mother Saga 2: Giygas Strikes Back is the sequel of Mother Saga created by PsiPaula4 to be air by spring 2011. The story is based from the video game Mother 2 (known as Earthbound).


PsiPaula4 think of the sequel before the last parts of Mother Saga. Few weeks after the last part, the possiblity leads to confirmation. The announcement aired June 1, celebrating the 15th anniversary of Earthbound.


Since June 9, PsiPaula4 updated and finalized the cast.

  • SuperNess1000 as Ness
  • PsiPaula4 as Paula Polestar
  • ThatOneManInLife as Jeff Andonuts
  • Awsomealexander72795 as Pokey Minch and Apple Kid
  • JeffKirby58 as Picky Minch and Younger Ness (for Magicant)
  • DeathStar1995 as Starmen, Master Belch, Zombies, and other foes
  • Shawnj145 as Carpenter, Paula's father, Dr. Andonuts, Lucky, Monotoli
  • Marathon1107 as Paula's mother
  • matawanhuskies as Tracy
  • kystroniack (AmaterasuDialga in YT but closed) as Giygas (roleplayed and voiced) and Summers Restaurant Waitress
  • Snake128512 as New Age Retro Hippie
  • 1a2az3 as Lardna and Cranky Lady
  • BradyBunchster9000 as Poo, Tony, Zombies, Shark member and Unassuming local guy
  • Steve as Frank, Captain Strong and Everdread
  • SN1k's parents as Ness' parents
  • SN1k's dogs as Carbon/Diamond dog
  • LittleRed3011 as Electra and Magic Cake Lady
  • robertg100


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