Hi, my name is Timothy John Paragas from the Philippines and welcome to my Wiki, the Motz and Friends Wiki. I begin my Wiki from the Microsoft Sam and His Fellow TTS Wiki of Thunderbirds101. I decided to make my own like Akriloth2160 and GWizard777.

Leave a message on talk pages. Thank you.

The Rules

The HOUSE commandment is derived after the Forum Rules of STARMEN.NET.

The Commandments

I am your BIG BROTHER in this WIKI, you shall not disrespect against me.

Honor your users and administrators

Show respect to users, new and old, and respect the admins. All users distinct creativity and culture, and thus, also will have distinct articles and opinions. You are allowed to disagree, but being rude to them for it is unacceptable.

This also goes for administrators (user:Motzparagas and User:Caturday). They’re here to help you and maintain the wiki, and they do so voluntarily, so treat them with respect.

You shall not use inappropriate objects in the Wiki

Inappropriate material is not considered for this wiki. Keep the profanity off unless it was designated.

You shall not post rubbish, if nothing to say

Talk pages are considered a help on some topic you want to ask but putting trash or British-speak "rubbish," may lead you to blockage.

You shall not discuss piracy

Anything about piracy is a big NO! Keep your mouth shut off that topic. We may block you if broken.

You shall not post all personal information

Beginning June 1, we will use only this information: birthday, religion, hometown, interests, likes and dislikes, in the articles to avoid stalking, except for some designated areas.

You shall not advertise

Advertising is disallowed on the wiki nor use it on the talk page. It is considered spam. Google advertising may help.

You shall not write commentaries on general articles

Report to the administrators about some disgusting and disrespecting articles. You may use the discussion page on the article to discuss anything.

You shall not troll

Do not post in topics with the intention of just getting people riled up (especially in debate topics), and don’t post topics you know will annoy/offend others. Do not try to goad responses out of users for your own entertainment, and don’t start/continue arguments simply for the sake of arguing.

You shall not make multiple accounts unless it is lost

If you are having account problems, please talk to the administrators. If you lost your account, you can make one but please put your reminder on the talk page of the admins.

Keep updated with the admins

Admin are here to help you, and to ensure the Wiki is running smoothly. Do not be rude to the acting founder, User:Caturday. We do our part.

Forbidden and accepted parts on article-making

Please be reminded of these genre that you shall not be made on the Wiki, and some explanations.

  1. Shmexy pr0nz. Self-explanatory.
  2. Personal dislikes (i.e. user, game, etc). Keep your dislikes off of the Wiki. This is not a rant site.
  3. "Diary"-esque narration. Any news or incident must be paraphrased or at least summarize. Do not use a "diary"-esque narration. Post it on your blog or in any journal-provided sites you have. (i.e. DeviantArt)

Here are the accepted parts on article making.

  1. Make your article nearly an academic-style (i.e. thesis, dissertation, etc.) but remain understanding to the viewers.
  2. Use visual representation (i.e. diagrams, charts, etc.) to understand the meaning of the information.
  3. Make sure paraphrase or citate quotes if you want to make a shorter article.
  4. Make sure you need to link externally some specific words in articles, if needed.
  5. Make sure your capitalization and other general grammar is correct. If you think you have too much, put it to Word first before formatting here.

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