GWizard777 in his old Mii Form



Interests and Likes

Sonic and Chaos, Wii and Miis, Microsoft Sam


Pokemon, PsiPaula4, Family Guy

GWizard777 is a YouTube user who, formerly was named GWizStudios, is a ChaoManiac but doesn't like Pokemon or Family Guy and is interested in making Fake EASes, and Microsoft Sam reads HUGE Windows Errors, plus a few more videos when he has time.

Account historyEdit

July 4, 2008 - February 21, 2009: First registered on YouTube as GWizStudios

February 22, 2009 - : Got hacked, and was registered by the name of GWizard777.

July 17, 2009 - : Got hacked again, and was under the name of GWizardReturns. Currently, his alt. account.

July 19, 2009: GWizard777 got his account back. GWizardReturns is now stated as his "alt. account".

Series createdEdit

Microsoft Sam reads HUGE Windows Errors

Microsoft Sam reads MASSIVE signs

Microsoft Sam reads SUPERSIZED Engrish

Imconplete Let's Plays

  • Earthbound/Mother 2 in Japanese
  • Legoland


GWizard777 faced controversies on YouTube on July 2009. He was deemly responsible for toppling the intergrity of the IMMAs or IAMs of YouTube by "stealing soda pops" and pick someone else. However, he was not really responsible but as stated before, he was hacked and gave an apology.

Three months later, with his DeviantArt, he put a rant on ditchers including PsiPaula4 by shooting and placing as an antagonist on his series. The reason of ditching is the different ideas of the ditcher and himself (such as they like Pokemon and he doesn't like), causing of not getting along with one another. Ditchers were blocked him and the same way, he will block them.

Two controversies made a legacy and a reflection and preparation of battle against him.