ChaosRAwesome (real name: Nigel) was one of the misunderstanding YouTuber/deviant and close friend of GWizard777. He was known as a hardcore fan of Chaos (plural of Chao not a synonym of confusion), small characters of Sonic the Hedgehog series.

About himselfEdit

ChaosRAwesome joined on YouTube April 29, 2009. He didn't make any video throughout his admission.

He joined deviantArt and made some Chao OCs. However, his view of hating Pokemon is more harsh than his friend. He sent death threats to the hatred people.


He loved the Jonas Brothers and Twilight, which is the most ranting media on most of Tim's YouTube friends. He lived in New York City in real life. He liked Fred much.


On January 11, 2001, Nigel, together with FatterWolfPup, defeated after two possible cases:

  • misunderstanding from trolling and opinion, or
  • loss of interest