All About Batman finale is a three-part finale of the epic adventure according to the creator, motzPHaragas.

All About Batman (Series Finale): The End



Running time

Part 1: 4 minutes 12 seconds

Part 2: 5 minutes 44 seconds

Part 3: 4 minutes 2 seconds


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Production date

May 19 - June 2010

Uploading date

Part 1: May 21, 2010

Part 2: May 25, 2010

Part 3: May 30, 2010


The program confirmed for the three-part finale by late May to early June due to his personal reasons.


Part OneEdit

Minutes before the taping, Batman and Joker filled good luck by announcer Bluebird(1494) and floor manager (Psi)Paula(4). When the show starts, everything is turned into chaos by the "Root of Evil." GWizard777, the leader of the Root, attacked the floor manager while his aides (JakeTV370 and ninwiimatt) abducted the production staff except Bluebird. While Domingo(0022) is in the 2006 Prius, he was distracted by a cellphone and found out that they are kidnapped. Bluebird instruct him to turn the radio "on."

Part TwoEdit

When the attack continues, Batman made a strategy on two audience members (Kate and Archie) to defeat the aides of GWizard777. Neon Girl tells the audience to sing the "Eight Melodies." GWizard777 was just exaggerated of being a Giyga. Killing Kyte by him, her friend Beanie decide to backfire for Kyte by tasing with Neon Girl. GWizard relinquished after the hurtful cramps.

Part ThreeEdit

Relinquished, he received a punishment of scrubbing the damage set. Tim, Batman's alter ego, tells the two aides that this incident is condemned. Outside, Beanie came to pay his reputation after the shooting scene in the past part. But the topic changed as a new relation came. The world is now peaceful from the root of evil.

Commentary and symbolismEdit

GWizard777's past, the disrespect of other YouTube users and disintegrity of the IAMs, remains reflective even today but not after May 31. The first part is likely a takeover. The second part when GWizard777 kills Kyte, he still abuses Pokemon, a symbol of hatred and evil. The grief of Beanie defines a neglect of awareness that he will attack a Pokemaniac. He, however, relinquished because of the new constitution to be enforced on June and current rehabilitation.


The characters are derived from different and distinct YouTube users with the respective TTS voices.

Part 1Edit

Hosts, announcers and friendsEdit

  • American Male Voice #1: Announcer before the show (Gabbyshoe08)
  • American Male Voice #2: Joker (Sonicobbsessedr2)
  • American Male Voice #3: Batman (motzPHaragas)
  • Microsoft Mary: Bluebird (bluebird1494)
  • American Female Voice #2: Paula (PsiPaula4)
  • American Male Voice #4: Chris (SuperNess1000)
  • Microsoft Mike: Thunderbirds (Thunderbirds101)
  • Microsoft Sam:
    • Domingo (Domingo0022)
    • Jason (Chinaeyes22)

Root of EvilEdit

  • American Male Voice #5: Jake (JakeTV370)
  • American Male Voice #6: Matt N (ninwiimatt)
  • American Male Voice #7: Matt D (GWizard777)

Part 2Edit


  • AT&T Charles: Archie (thispieistoocold)
  • AT&T Crystal: Kate (Katidid92)
  • AT&T Lauren: Beanie (Cybunnylover)

Sirius StaffEdit

  • British Male Voice #1: Steven (sammy18011990)

Part 3Edit

  • AT&T Claire: Daisy (PrincessDaisyFloral)

Viewers' count tableEdit

Days after uploading First part Second part Third Part
1 24 23 21
2 38 30 25
3 53 38 27
4 66 45 28
5 73 46 29
6 73 50 33
7 76 50